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Treeton Auto Services – Payment Plan

We understand that sometimes unexpected bills can be really difficult to pay for. Here at Treeton Auto’s, we give our customers the chance to pay their bills through a payment plan, meaning you only pay 25% of your total invoice up front.

How does it work?

Book your car in either online or over the phone, and let us know you’d like to go ahead with the ‘Payment Assist’ plan. Wherever possible we will be able to give you a total cost and a breakdown of what is to be paid every month. There are 4 equal payments to be made in total, where the first is paid on the date you pick the vehicle up and the remaining three on the same day a month apart.

For example:

Your vehicle is booked in for a Service and an MOT on 20th December with the total bill amounting to £200. When you collect your vehicle, you will have a £50 payment to make up front (25%), and then 3 x £50 payments to be paid on the 20th of January, February and March.

These payments have to be taken from the initial debit card given, and will be withdrawn automatically from your account.

This plan can be used on any invoice up to a maximum of £1000.

What if you don’t know the problem with my vehicle?

Sometimes diagnosing faults with vehicles takes a little bit of time and we can’t always give a full costing until we’ve had a look at what’s going on. Here at Treeton Auto Services, we never go ahead with any work needed on your vehicle without your permission and understanding, and we will always let you know if it is going to incur any cost to diagnose before beginning work. We take great pride in delivering excellent customer service and ensuring you are happy and fully aware of everything involved in the repair to your vehicle at all times.

On other faults, we generally diagnose free of charge (for example, checking brakes if they are making a noise) and then we would put you a price together and give you a call. From there, we can then establish the cost if you wish to go ahead with the Payment Assist plan.

What do I need to set up this plan?

We will take some details from you and we will need a Debit Card to set the plan up. All four payments must be taken from this card. No credit checks are carried out when using this plan.

Ready to book in?

Whether you need to book in today, or merely need some guidance in relation to your vehicle, our team are here. Phone us or email us directly and we’ll be right back in contact. Please let us know either in advance or on arrival if you want to use this plan.