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Treeton Auto Services – Diagnostics


Halting small problems in their tracks

Our diagnostic service can be the defining difference between an engine fault that remains a small one, and a problem that turns into something bigger, more serious and more expensive.

Our team of trained and highly experienced mechanics use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to work through what would otherwise be confusing fault codes, and can go on to provide straight forward advice as to what action, if any, you need to take.

We’ll never (ever) undertake any repairs without consulting with you first and providing an all-inclusive quote.

This service is suited to almost all makes and models of cars – and contrary to popular belief, you needn’t return to your car’s dealership to have a diagnostic service undertaken. This in itself can represent quite the cost saving, as our price for a diagnostic service fairs incredibly well against many dealerships.

What is ‘car diagnostics’?

Nowadays all cars are largely powered and managed by computer systems. Where once vehicles were completely constructed from mechanical elements, now everything from emission levels to engine temperature and onto windscreen wipers are controlled digitally. Whilst this provides for plenty of advancement and efficiency, it does mean that when problems arrive, electric diagnostic equipment is needed to figure out exactly what an issue may be. Any issues that come about are associated by error codes that are fedback by the car’s computer – and whilst there’s a chance you’ll see a warning light on your dash, in truth, you may need diagnostics to see the complete picture.

Ultimately our diagnostic service will make sense of error codes, warning lights and suspect engine behaviour – providing peace of mind for our customers and ensuring that component failures are stopped in their tracks before they transform into something a whole lot bigger (and more expensive).

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Unsure as to whether you need diagnostics?

For anyone less than a professional mechanic it can be tough to know whether a diagnostic service is required. If you’re unsure as to the potential problem you have on your hands, just get in touch. We can provide free, impartial advice and answer any questions you may have – ensuring that a diagnostics service is the right course of action.

Strange warning lights on your dash?

Warning lights that suddenly appear out of nowhere, and that mean little to you as to their cause, can be a real worry. Should you have noticed a constant new light, or one that seems to appear and disappear intermittently, a Diagnostics check can identify exactly what the issue may be.

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