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Treeton Auto Services – Car Health Check

Ensuring that your car is ready for all the roads may present

Our car health check has been designed to ensure that your vehicle is in good working order – helping you avoid untimely breakdowns and otherwise avoidable expensive repair bills. This check is done on all vehicles that enter our workshop, to help give you peace of mind! The only exception is if you’re coming in for a service, as we won’t have to carry one out, we’ll just get it all fixed up for you!

Our FREE 15-point check – ready for winter or summer

Our Car Health Check comprises of fifteen different checks – and it’s not merely a service for winter, nor for cars that are older than a certain age. After all – problems can pop up at any time, and even the newest of vehicles are not immune from defects.

During the Health Check we’ll inspect your: lights, brakes, wheel bearings, tyre pressure and a number of other critical elements vital for your driving safety. The check can take anything up to an hour (although this will depend on the age and condition of your car).

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The Details

Let our expert mechanics help keep you safe whilst driving. Here’s the full details as to what will be covered during your FREE Car Health Check:

  • Are there any warning lights showing on the dash that are cause for concern? (This may include the ABS warning light)
  • Are the brake drums, discs and pads in a good condition? (Or are they showing signs of corrosion, scoring or distortion?)
  • Are the hand bake linkages showing signs of wear and tear?
  • Are the shock absorbers still as robust as they need to be?
  • Are the wheel bearings in need of replacement?
  • Are all of the lights and the horn working as they should?
  • Are each of the tyres in a good condition and are they filled to the air pressure that they should be?
  • Are the wheel callipers and cylinders operating as they should? Are they demonstrating signs of leaking?
  • Is the gearbox working well?
  • Is the cloth working correctly?
  • Is the exhaust leaking and/or making an unexpected noise?

Our Car Health Check is completely free

There’s no hidden extras to worry about, nor any fees that are only presented when you come to pick your car up. If any repairs or servicing is required, we’ll talk to you about why they may be needed, and what the outcome of not addressing the issues might be. We won’t ever undertake any work without your express permission to do so following a quote.

Our Other Services

In addition to our Car Health Check, we provide a number of other services that ensure that your vehicle is well maintained and running as it should be. These services include:

MOT – Diagnostics/Electrical Fault Diagnosis – New and Part Worn Tyres and Tyre Puncture Repairs – Servicing

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